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Engagement is the keyword for developing educational games for students who find it boring to read from books. Games for educational purpose have captured the attention of not only the parents, but the school authorities as well because it helps in the overall development of the child. Engaging the students to the app is essential because only then effective learning will take place. Therefore, creating a strategy beforehand and implementing it will make the educational game, a hit among the students. And, with the growing use of Smartphones by the younger generation, spreading a word about your app will not be a problem. Follow these strategies of educational game development.


Defined learning outcome

As educators, you will be under compulsion to deliver as much knowledge as possible through the game, but the purpose of an educational game is different from the classroom learning and the interactive lessons. The main purpose of the app is providing a working knowledge of the concepts learnt in the classroom. The game should allow the students to take effective decision and provide a relevant learning outcome. Provide different scenarios in the game so that the students can think and apply all the concepts studied.


Most of the educators forget that objective of a game is to relax the students and not to make it feel like classroom education. Students today appreciate learning through their own will and love to study at their own pace. A fun app created for education purpose will help the students gain interest and study well. The app should be fun only then you will see an increase in the number of downloads. Create an app based on age group and interest of the target age group.


A successful game is one that attracts the students again and again, forcing them to use the app every day. A game is addictive if it offers high speed and smooth functioning to the students. Ensure to use easy, medium and hard level for the game for students to progress in their learning graph. Additionally, focus on creating an appealing design to attract the students.