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Today, more and more customers are using Smartphones to connect with the world of internet. And, in such a scenario, if your brand is not using a mobile app, you?re missing out on potential customers. Many businesses focus on different apps that are useful, intuitive and creative for the customers. However, many apps are boring and nearly useless. If you?re an iOS development company, you need to integrate the following features in every mobile app you develop.

Search feature

Give your customers an extremely handy search bar tool to search the content quickly. A plethora of content makes a great app, but too much content makes it cumbersome for the readers. You need to provide a search feature so that searching the content becomes easier for the reader. It?s extremely frustrating to scroll and search for content. If the content is not easily available, the reader will definitely uninstall the mobile app. Furthermore, most top-tier app features a search function allowing the user to locate the content based on certain keywords. Whether you develop iOS or android apps, remember to include the search feature.

Social networking capabilities

Today, social sharing is not just about sharing profile pictures or wishing someone on their birthday. It?s much more than that. Social media platforms have become a means of communicating with workers and customers who are geographically separated. If you incorporate a feature of social sharing directly from the app, you?re likely to make communication easier and simpler. Furthermore, you will interact with more customers because you have simplified communication for your clients.

Encourage customer feedback

Provide the customer to provide instant feedback and it will eliminate the potential calls to the technical support team. Therefore, have a feature wherein the customers can directly contact your company with their issues. Apps having such feature is likely to gain more popularity than others who miss out on it. Also, remember to action on every feedback, whether negative or positive. It will help you grow as a brand.

As an android development company, focus on creating creative and useful apps for your customers.