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A lot of changes have been witnessed in the way people access the worldwide web. A few years ago, people could access the web only on their desktops, but today Smartphones are taking the lead. Therefore, web development company has to change their development strategies to increase the experience of the customers. Today, people are attracted towards user-friendly websites and web pages that use the right mix of colors. Here are a few tips to convert every visitor to a potential client.

Focus on responsive design

If you?re an android development company, you need to focus on creating a mobile responsive design, which is compatible with every android device. The customer should see the same content in the same way on every device they use. You need to focus on using layout compatible with every possible device in the market. If your website is not responsive, you?re likely to reduce the footfalls on your website. It will adversely affect the impressions and attract negative publicity.

Understand your customers

Even before you start building a website, you need to understand your customers. You should know the type of devices your customers use, so that you can cater to the audience. For instance, if the majority of your customers are android users, you may need to build more versions for android platform than iOS platform. Always focus on your end users to deliver projects that will be useful to the customers. Therefore, know your audience before creating a website for any brand.

Always test your projects

Once you have completed the code, you need to validate your code to test whether it?s working on all the browsers and devices. Your customers are going to leave your website if it doesn?t open in their browser. Therefore, as an iOS development company, run tests on each and every aspect of your website, before launching it. You may delay the launch by a day or two, but launching websites full of errors will never yield the desired results.

A website portrays the brand image of a company, never play with it, instead make it worthwhile for the visitors. s