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In the past few years, web has become an ingrained part of our daily life. It?s even difficult to imagine life without accessing the web. The demand for a web development company is as high as ever and the future is definitely bright. As 2016 is coming to an end, you need to gear up with the trends that are likely to dominate web development in 2017. Furthermore, without a website reaching the target audience and ensuring constant success is a tedious task. Here are a few trends to look out for 2017.

Virtual reality

Believe it or not, virtual reality is completely going to change web development. Virtual reality is already successful in capturing the gaming sector and is now set to unleash its power in the web development segment. Companies like Google are already working on different APIs for the transition of virtual reality to the web. Moreover, as the standards develop and the picture becomes a little clearer, many more application will be developed using VR in the coming years. Therefore, as a web programming company, you need to keep uploading your armor with talent that can understand VR and implement it.

Internet of things

In plain words, IoT is connecting any device with an on/off switch to the internet. This includes anything from mobile phones to washing machines and from lamps to wearable devices. Web developers are definitely not going to develop such products. But, they will play a crucial role in developing APIs that can easily communicate with the IoT devices. Moreover, web developers will have to face interesting challenges in protecting the devices from potential hackers.And, IoT is likely to make life a little tough for web developers in 2017.

Static website generators

These static website generators, usually create a website from plain text stored in files instead of database. Static website generators will provide high speed, control of the content, security and a hassle free server. Furthermore, it will definitely increase the traffic to the website.

Therefore, as a web solutions company, you need to focus on these trends to stand out of the crowd.