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We approached Ben Young (Recruitment Specialist), director of 360 Search Recruiting Agency for building a new web application. Ben wanted a simple yet robust web application that changed the way the entire recruiting process worked. We built a front-end section that allowed company’s clients to browse a list of jobs from their organization through minimal effort (Ajax Search). The job is password-protected and the job title is not revealed to the outside public until the correct password has been entered.

After successful login, the client can view various uploaded videos of the candidate’s who are interested in a specific job listed within that organization. The client can then fill out a simple form for each candidate on whether to go ahead for setting up an interview or not. The candidate’s have their own front-end which allows them to upload their video through webcam. 360 Search can then approve a specific video or disapprove. Once approved, the video is easily added to appropriate job page.

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