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IT Strategy and Consulting Services

We help you transform your IT operations through advanced business analytics and process improvement techniques. We work with many world-class software providers to know what is the right offering for your particular project and business needs. We are unique in our solution formulation and we give truly independent IT advice. We have been in this market for more than 15 years and we only suggest what we would use ourselves. Our initial consultation is free so talk to one of us and see how we can help.

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Business IT strategy and consulting services we offer…

Digital Strategy

Business Process Reengineering

Digital Marketing

Software Development and Integration

Technology Roadmap Consulting

Business CCTV Surveillance

Network Survey

Digital Transformation

Virtual CIO & CTO Services

Office 365 Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting

New Startup Business Consulting

Business Model Innovation

Software Licensing Advice

Digital Strategy & Transformation

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Digital Marketing

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Cloud Hosting

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How to find out your Hard Disk space, Memory and other details?

On Windows, 1) Click on the "Start" button or the round button you find in latest windows 2) On the top-right hand, you'll find a menu item labelled "Computer". Right click on it and Select "properties" from the list (usually the last item on the list) 3) This should...

How to make your home computer PC really fast?

These are series of posts that will help you speed up your PC. Every now and then, there are new articles that will be added which will provide you more tips and tricks for your home PC computer to do a good job. By following these simple guidelines, your home PC...

Create a Newspaper Style Drop Cap Effect with CSS3

Ever wanted to have that newspaper style effect or otherwise known as Drop cap effect? Well here is how you can use CSS3 to achieve this job. They are used rarely in blogs, web blogs, websites, community websites and articles sites despite the :first-letter selector...

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