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Professional IT Support Services

JA aims to provide exceptional customer experience and proactive IT support for your business. We do not lock you in with a contract so you can choose to continue with us each month by the way we perform. We also work with flexible SLA backed agreements and each support plan is tailored to suit your very specific business needs. Our team works closely with your business and your staff to ensure the success of your projects with minimal or no disruption to your users. Give us a call today and we will find the right solutions for your business in running it smoothly and efficiently.

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IT support services we offer…

Server & Workstation Maintenance

Web Filtering, Firewall, Virus, Spyware, & Adware Protection

Disaster Recovery Planning

Custom Application Support

Hardware & Software Procurement

Open Source Application Support

Email Management & Filtering

IT Auditing & Network Health Check

Internet Connectivity Solutions Support

Remote Computer Support

IT Systems Maintenance

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Open Source Application Support

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Web Filtering & Email Management

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How to find out your Hard Disk space, Memory and other details?

On Windows, 1) Click on the "Start" button or the round button you find in latest windows 2) On the top-right hand, you'll find a menu item labelled "Computer". Right click on it and Select "properties" from the list (usually the last item on the list) 3) This should...

How to make your home computer PC really fast?

These are series of posts that will help you speed up your PC. Every now and then, there are new articles that will be added which will provide you more tips and tricks for your home PC computer to do a good job. By following these simple guidelines, your home PC...

Create a Newspaper Style Drop Cap Effect with CSS3

Ever wanted to have that newspaper style effect or otherwise known as Drop cap effect? Well here is how you can use CSS3 to achieve this job. They are used rarely in blogs, web blogs, websites, community websites and articles sites despite the :first-letter selector...

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