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{( On Page Website Optimisation for Business (SEO) )}

SEO – On Page Optimization for Websites

The online industry is highly competitive these days and the competition seems to only get more fierce as days go by. It’s becoming an important tasks for website owners to optimize their site for keywords they want to target for. Part of the optimization process involves looking into how well the website is structured for SEO.

You will benefit from in-depth website analysis, implementation of proven on page optimisation strategies, comprehensive check of whether it meets the Google Panda and Penguin updates, analysis of relevancy factor, indexability of a web page, duplicate content check, alt tag implementation, heading tag use, keyword density, anchor links, internal links, and clear instructions on what needs to be addressed.

You can submit a million links but without proper on-page optimization, your efforts are of almost no use. Sure, it will bring you traffic but not relevant traffic to drive your sales through the roof. This is where we come in. We work towards achieving results that are far superior than any other SEO company out here in New Zealand or Overseas.

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Our On Page Optimization Package includes…

We have 100’s of Happy Customers Worldwide who are pleased with our work.

  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Meta Keywords Selection
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Alt Tag Optimization
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • Headings Optimization
  • Bold Body Text Optimization
  • Media Optimization
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Website Speed & Suggestion
  • Robot.txt Creation
  • Robot Meta Check
  • WWW Redirect Suggestion
  • Internal Website Linking
  • Canonicalisation Check
  • Custom 404 Errors Check
  • Internal & External Links Check
  • Language Meta Tag Check
  • On page Implementation
  • Image SEO

Keyword Research…

Good keywords are everything if you are looking for results. Our experts have valuable knowledge in keyword research.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Primary Keyword Suggestion
  • Secondary Keyword Suggestion
  • Long-Tail Keyword Suggestion
  • Targeted URL Suggestion
  • Competition Analysis

Page Speed Optimization…

Google and other search engines use speed to determine ranking. We have excellent experience in improving page speed.

  • Gzip & Minifying
  • Browser Caching Suggestion
  • Image Optimization

SEO Expert Review…

To get results, you need people who have excellent knowledge in the field. We have SEO Experts on hand.

  • Search Engine Content Check
  • Nofollow & Nofollow Check
  • Keyword Density Optimization
  • Link Building Suggestion
  • Website Content Review
  • Google Webmaster Suggestion
  • Page Rank Optimization
  • SEO Friendly URL Optimization
  • Blog Check & Suggestion

Tools Setup…

To get results is one thing but to keep them up is another. This is where SEO tools come in handy.

  • Google Analytics Tool Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tool Setup
  • Yahoo/Bing Webmaster Setup

Reports Generated…

Reports help you get an overall picture of how that specific page is doing in terms of SEO aspects analyzed.

  • On Page Suggestions Report
  • SEO Expert Review Report
  • Dead Links Check Report
  • Keyword Research Report
  • Page Speed Report
  • Mobile Suggestions Report

 Importance of On Page Optimization

If you are trying to attract a customer who is seeing your site, you need to have content that matches what he/she is after. Similarly, having the right content and keywords is crucial for having your website placed at the top of the search results for the keywords you are targeting.

This is usually done by writing a perfect meta description which has just the right number of relevant terms and chooses the right alt tags to improve the click-through rate.

This simple act of using the right meta description and alt tags for a way of describing things to search engines could drastically improve your online presence.

One of the most integral parts of SEO is on page optimization and its proven time and again to have terrific results on-site traffic.

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What On Page Optimisations involves

Page Title

Considered one of the most weighted seo factor. Improving page titles with keywords matching that page is crucial to be visible in search pages. You are likely to show up at the top of SERP purely because of the right title you have chosen specifically for that page.

Meta Tags

Consider them similar to tags on Twitter or other social media networks like Instagram. People find your content based on the relevant keywords you have as tags. Having right tags means attracting targeted audience to your website. Tags are also known as keywords.

Body Tags (H4 – Like this!)

It is generally advised to break up your content into sections with use of heading tags. These allow search engine bots to figure out what is important within your written content. Keyword rich headlines generally prove more effective than generic ones.

Image SEO

Search engine spiders look through things we cannot see. Image SEO is part of that. Its the alternate tags you write for images you place within your content that allows search engines to recognise what that image is. It also helps when you make them descriptive.

Meta Description

Another important weighted seo factor. These are used for picking out relevance about your webpage. Most search engines match the keywords listed in your content with your meta description of the page to see how relevant it is for the searches made by users.

URL Structure

This is seen in the link you hand out to your customers or publish on social sites. Its important because search engines look for targeted keywords within the URL structure to calculate relevance. Better structure generally equates to greater search engine traffic.

Keyword Density

A common mistake that can prove deadly is including lots of relevant keywords situated in between very little or no content. This can have harsh consequences. Its advised to keep keyword density between 2-5% depending on the site/section you are working on.

Internal Linking

This is one of the oldest but most powerful technique. It is a proven method to rank higher because search engines see how well you know about the subject you are talking about. This is where you link relevant keywords to pages describing more about that keyword.

Why choose us?

Hundreds of customers want us to carry out their SEO job because we are good at what we do. This is seen in the results we have produced on our customer websites. We are an award-winning company focused on creating value for businesses. We have experts who have extensive knowledge of SEO, and we use techniques that don’t get your website penalized by search engines. We also understand that SEO is not overnight magic which is why we work extremely hard to get you to where you want to be in the least amount of time possible. Not just that, we help you stay there too.

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