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On Windows,

1) Click on the “Start” button or the round button you find in latest windows

2) On the top-right hand, you’ll find a menu item labelled “Computer”. Right click on it and Select “properties” from the list (usually the last item on the list)

3) This should give you a brief information box highlight the type of system you are using and the memory space you have on your computer.

Now you can see the ‘speed’ and ‘RAM/Memory Space’ but what about the disk space you’ve got…For that you can simple click on “My Computer” (the one you ‘right-clicked’ on previously)…This should open up a box listing all the hard drives you have and the space left in them. In Older versions of Windows, you need to point at the Hard Disk for it to reveal its details…

On Mac,

1) Click on the Apple icon on the top left hand corner

2) Select “About This Mac” and this should open up a small pop up box revealing your mac’s speed and memory details.

3) Now you’d want to find out your disk space which can be seen by clicking on your hard disk icon. It is usually visible on your desktop by default. At the very bottom, it should how much free space is still available.