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Cheap Point of Sale Software for your business

Recently, we had a client who started selling casual wear and was looking for a point of sale software. See the market prices shocked us as nothing was below a minimum of $3000. That amount of money won’t get you the hardware either, its just the software price....

E-Commerce spending gone up by 14%

Online retail spending reached $37.5 billion for the quarter, primarily due to an increase in the number of buyers (up 16 percent), with 70 percent of all Internet users making at least one online purchase in the quarter. We should note that spending was lower than...

How to set up an e-commerce site using paypal?

While browsing around, i clicked through this interesting article that outlines all the necessary procedures required to create your very own e-commerce website. Selling stuff online has become the new “side business” of many Internet users, whether...