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Today, online marketing has completely changed the course of marketing and is one of the leading platform to drive traffic to your website. Marketers who fail to create an impact in the online marketing world, get lost and never reach the target audience. In a hurry to attract customers, marketers end up committing unforced errors due to misconceptions surrounding the online marketing. From company branding to corporate identity, you need to keep an eye on every aspect to drive traffic to your website. Here are a few misconceptions that you need to be aware about.

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Week to week traffic is down – Overall performance is down

When the traffic for three or four weeks is on a down, then many marketers assume that their overall performance also goes down. However, you need to consider additional aspects before coming to a conclusion. Monitor the other aspects of the trends, such as whether your website was offline for some time or not. Many a times such factors contribute and once the issues is resolved the traffic is up again. You can hire an enterprise solution NZ to understand the cause of decreasing traffic.

Year to year traffic is up – Overall performance is up

Just because the traffic of your website is up, it doesn’t mean that your website performance is also up. Many times the links to your website is placed at a source where there is a high inflow of traffic. Customers knowingly and unknowingly click on the link, which results in large traffic inflow to the website. Furthermore, mergers and acquisitions can also lead to high traffic inflow. You need to dive deeper into the different segments to understand the root cause of high traffic to your web pages.

Blog post with most views was successful

Blogging is a common tactic deployed by marketers across the world to entice the readers. However, you need to scrutinize a vast range of metrics to know which blog was most successful with the audience. While you should consider overall traffic, never ignore the conversion percentage.