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When you’re looking to kick-start your startup business, every dollar counts as small businesses usually have a very limited pool of revenue. And, with stringent money supply, many time marketers often neglect online marketing strategies. Unfortunately, marketing is a necessary expenditure that you need to incur to grow your online business. However, without a proper online marketing strategy, fulfilling your marketing goals is impossible as you cannot connect with readers. And, marketers need to ensure that online marketing strategies are on a budget so that funds for other activities is not short. Here are a few strategies that actually work on a very low budget.

Social media marketing

Never get fooled by marketers who say that social media marketing is quick and extremely easy. Social media marketing doesn’t happen automatically and you have several fundamentals you need to pay attention. Still, it cost nothing to establish your brand on these social media marketing platforms. Sharing content on these sites is free of cost and you distribute it on all the marketing channels. If you engage readers with content, you can naturally attract more subscribers. Today, many customers are using social media marketing to win the trust of the readers. Therefore, focus on maintaining a solid presence on these social media marketing platforms.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is actually simple, if you can break it into different components. You can easily walk through different tutorials to understand what is best for your business. However, you cannot reach the top of the search pages without reaching a professional SEO agency. You can get started with the basics after researching for search engine optimization. When you’ve crafted a campaign that is working with the readers, you can easily afford to hire professional agencies that will help you reach the top pages of the SERP.

Content marketing

You can publish whitepapers and ebooks about your brand and share it with your readers. Informational content helps in striking balance with the readers. Send such interesting and informational content on a regular basis to strike a chord with your audience.

Therefore, focus on these strategies to build a strong online marketing campaign.