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The online industry was at its full capacity in 2016 and even in 2017 the industry will not slow down. Online marketing is helping companies reach their goal and connect with the target audience. This makes it even more essential to prepare for the rules and trends that will dominate in 2017. From company branding to reaching customers, you need to stay at par with the latest trends to outperform the competitors. Hera are a few online marketing trends to watch out in 2017.

Rise of augmented reality

The world literally could not believe the success of Pokemon Go as it earned nearly $10 million a day. The power of augmented reality is likely to dominate the upcoming year. AR not only increases the customer experience, but also provides marketers with an opportunity to connect with the target customers. An online marketing company that will ignore the augmented reality will be left behind in the tough competition. Therefore, you need to understand the penetration and success of AR, before implementing it in your marketing campaign.

Live video streaming

With the advent of faster internet and tremendous growth of mobile devices, live video streaming has become a trend in itself. In the past few years live video streaming has only seen an upward trend, which will continue even in 2017. Furthermore, it was the first time ever that a presidential debate in the U.S was streamed live and it an immense success. The live streaming of the debate attracted millions of viewers from across the world. Therefore, focus on live video streaming and incorporate it in your online marketing strategy. You need to change with the changing technology to maintain customer engagement.

Data visualization will increase

For online marketers, data is the lifeline because it helps in taking an informed decision. You need quantitative data to make changes and improve your online marketing efforts. In the coming year, brands will become more dependent upon data visualization tools to take key marketing decisions. And, if you don?t focus on data visualization and interpretation, you will lose the potential customers.

Any enterprise solution NZ need to focus on the above trends for 2017 to attract the target readers.