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Every business undergoes the startup phase where the customers are sparse and the revenue is almost nil. And, in such a phase you can definitely not think of spending money on online marketing. Without reaching the target audience, generating revenue is like a dream. You may cut down your marketing budgets, but it’s an unwise thing to do because marketing is the best chance to attract customers and revenue. Here are a few affordable online marketing strategies that will help your business sail through the success shore.

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No online marketing campaign is complete without SEO because unless the search engines find you, customers can never reach your website. Additionally, you can optimize the content and website on your own by researching and reading. It definitely takes time, but the required information is available. However, do not forget to optimize your website for local SEO because once the local people appreciate your services and products, you can plan for a global exposure. Search engine optimization can become economical if you know where to research and look for information.


It’s definitely recommended to build a brand name for your company because branding attracts potential customers and helps in increasing the revenue. Therefore, you need to get involved with local speaking events to promote your brand and increase the brand awareness. Talk to some external publishers can get your brand featured on it to generate more traffic. Branding starts from the first day and continues until you shut your business. Focus on personal branding to increase revenue and generate extra traffic to your business.

Social media marketing

Social media profiles are free to create and it really doesn’t take much time to post interesting and captivating stuff on these marketing platforms. When you join these platforms, do not jump on the paid advertisements and lead generation tactics. Focus on reaching out new followers on your own and once you have collected sufficient funds, focus on using the paid advertisements.

Whether you have money or not, never neglect your online marketing campaign.