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Even the most experienced digital marketers create campaigns that don?t convert to desired results. Committing mistakes is completely fine, but not learning from those mistakes is wrong. The first alarming signal of a non-performing digital campaign is that your efforts are not adding to the revenue stream. As an online marketing company, here are a few mistakes to avoid to ensure proper revenue inflow.


Not having a clear goal

In order to understand and track the success, you need to define the goals clearly. Without having a clear goal, your efforts will be lost because no one knows what you are expecting. You can possibly set expectations when you are not aware of the goals of your business. Challenging the ROI of the campaign is also difficult and you have to remain satisfied with the current ROI. Furthermore, improving company branding also becomes challenging in the absence of a well-defined goal. Your content and communication should speak about your goals and help you win the trust of the readers.

Not knowing your audience

As a marketer, you need to understand that your audience differs from platform to platform. And, sharing the same content with everyone will not yield in the desired results. For example, LinkedIn is great for commercial content and lines, Facebook is apt for brand stories and personal communication, and Twitter is best for branding. Therefore, you need to understand the digital marketing platform along with the audience to reach the customer with valuable content.

Ignoring negative comments

If you cannot handle criticism, you will probably miss out some essential points that your readers feel are necessary. While negative comments are extremely hard to accept, you need to focus churning these comments to create a positive environment. You may receive one star review on your Facebook, instead of deleting it ask the customer the reasons for such a rating. Moreover, you need to focus a genuine concern and let the readers know that you care for their complaints. You an can increase your corporate identify by solving the problems of the readers.