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Have you ever encountered ravishing reviews for a product you always wanted to buy? Does it create an impact on your purchase behavior? Online reviews whether positive or negative have an extremely powerful impact on the person reading it and a lot of your brand’s image is dependent upon the online reviews you receive for a product or service. The big question is that how impactful are these reviews for your online marketing campaign. Do the quantity and quality of reviews affect the marketing campaign in any possible way? Here are a few reasons of online reviews affecting the online marketing campaign.


Buying decision

According to a survey, an astonishing 85% of the customers agreed that they consider online reviews as a personal recommendation before purchasing a product or availing a service. Even though the reviews are posted by strangers, readers consider the reviews as authentic. As an online marketer, you need to focus on the ratings you are receiving from the customers online as it will determine your sales in the coming future. A high rating from almost every customer will attract readers who have read the ratings. Help the customers to make a purchase decision before a review from an anonymous person captures the attention of the prospects.

Improves organic search

Positive reviews leave a positive effect on the online reputation of the company. The search ranking of your website will increase when customer’s leaves positive reviews. For every review written by the customers, the amount of content on the site increases, meaning you have a higher chance of getting ranked on the top pages of the search engines. The online visibility of your brand will increase and it will also help in gaining the top page. When customer visit the website to read the reviews, the organic traffic will increase and you will become more powerful in the online marketing world.

You do not need any rocket science to encourage positive reviews for your product. You simply need to begin with a review function on your website where the customer can leave their valuable feedback.