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If your online marketing strategies are not generating the desired results, one or more of the common mistakes may be blamed. Online marketing is essential to increase the online presence and there is a margin of error like any other marketing strategy, but if these errors are too frequent, you may be sabotaging your online presence instead of helping your brand. Here are a few common mistakes and ways to overcome for a successful online marketing campaign.

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Website is not performing on mobile devices

Websites that offer poor customer experience when accessed on a mobile device cost the business a lot of money and hampers their reputation. According to the Global World Index, more than 80% of the customers’ access internet through their Smartphones. Customers will never stick to your website, if the navigation is tedious. Moreover, according to a recent research, more than 40% of the customers move to a competitor’s website after a pathetic mobile web experience. Even the search engines, prefer sites that are mobile friendly. Switching to a mobile friendly site can easily turn the under-performing website to a profitable site.

Using too many social media channels

In the eagerness to see a flourishing business, many brands try to establish their presence on every possible social media marketing platform. The problem is that there are numerous such channels available and trying to engage customers on every platform will never help your online marketing campaign. Therefore, you need to scale back the social media marketing efforts and focus on just two or three channels that are popular among your target audience. You can focus on creating high quality posts to engage the readers.

You are unaware about which marketing strategy is working

If you are not checking, which marketing strategies are working or not, you’ll definitely end up wasting a plethora of your time on initiatives, which will never result in revenue. Every interaction with your visitor produces information that can be vital in determining the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. You can use different web analytics tool to analyze the performance.

Online marketing strategies can become extremely effective is used correctly.