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Marketers often are unable to determine the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign because of their inability to measure what is required. You need to remember that different kinds of online marketing campaign, have different success rates depending upon product, nature of your company, online advertising campaign, social media campaign and business goals. You need to answer a few questions before proceeding towards the age old method of communicating with the target audience.


Tools used for measuring effectiveness

ROI is the leading way to determine the overall effectiveness of the online marketing campaign. Keep a track of traffic coming from your blog and websites, which are converted to buyers. Focus on bounce rate, average page views and average time spent on a website. You also need to an eye on the cost per lead. It is calculated by dividing the marketing and advertising cost with the number of new and old paying customers within that period. Carry out audits to understand the performance of the online marketing campaign. A conversion rate of more than 11.45% is considered great in the online marketing world. Additionally, you can even track the reach of your marketing campaign to see how it improves in the coming time. Measuring the effectiveness of any marketing campaign will never be easy if you do not keep an eye on the important marketing metrics.

Run A/B test to measure effectiveness

According to a survey, less than 30% marketers are satisfied with their conversion rate. And, if you want real time measurement, select the variables you want to test, gather the data and analyze it. You can test one or two variables depending upon your expectation from the marketing campaign. Tweak small changes in your variables and notice the difference in the results. Select the combination yielding maximum results for a better online marketing campaign.

For better understanding, send feedback form to effectively track the efficacy of the online marketing campaign.