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Online marketing trends come and go, making it difficult for marketers to adhere to few important trends. These trends change every year, which means that what was working in 2015 may not work effectively in 2016. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and keeping at par with the changing technology is difficult. With 2016, almost half over, here are a few online marketing trends you simply cannot afford to ignore or overlook.


User experience is essential

It really doesn’t matter if you’re ranking on the first page of Google for every keyword you are targeting. A poor user experience is more than enough to prevent these conversion from happening. Improving user experience is essential because if your website is taking too long to load, the customer will shift to your competitor and probably never return to your brand. Similarly, if the content is boring and full of grammatical errors, your readers are likely to turn away. Make it extremely easy to navigate and ensure products are always in stock. You can conduct a poll asking the user what they love and hate about your website. The results can be used to improve the website.

Optimize for mobile

Without optimizing for mobile, ensuring a successful online marketing campaign is next to impossible. Mobile traffic is the first thing you need to focus on as a majority of customer use mobile phones to navigate and search for products online. Websites that are not mobile friendly are never preferred by the readers because it consumes a lot of time. You need to focus on every little detail before optimizing for mobile. You need to ensure that the purchase process can be completed without any glitches. You need to understand that today people prefer purchasing through mobile as it’s convenient and easy.

Email marketing is extremely powerful

Email marketing is the leading way to attract the readers and if you follow the right approach, you can easily connect with the target readers. Focus on spending time and money on building an email list in the right way.

Follow these trends to effectively connect with the readers.