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All of us have some belief or the other, different people have different perception, which results in myths of online marketing. If you do just Facebook ads or send tweets, you may be able to attract a certain set of audience, but you leave out on a majority chunk of people using email marketing. Your online myths can easily derail your online marketing and result in a failed campaign irrespective of your efforts. Here are a few things that can potentially hamper your online marketing campaign.

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One social media profile is enough

Putting all your eggs in one basket is definitely not the correct way, but putting only egg in a huge basket is also not acceptable. Presence on one social media platform may give you the required exposure because different people are on different platforms. Additionally, if you’re only on Facebook, and you’re page gets blocked for some reason, what will happen to the money you’ve spent and followers you’ve acquired. Therefore, presence on one social media profile is not enough. You need a presence on at least 2 or 3 platforms. Start building your online presence to gain organic traffic to your website.

Competitors are not online, so why worry?

Your competitors may be not online, but you never know when they start their online marketing. It’s best to stay ahead and leverage the first mover advantage. Build strong online reputation so that even when your competitors come online, you’re the market leader. Moreover, not being online means missing out on a whole world of customers. Focus on attracting the attention of the target readers through tools such as online reviews. Online reviews are a great way to give a stiff competition to the target readers.

Content marketing is not essential

Many marketers believe that once their website is running their task is complete. In order, to make the most of your email marketing campaign, you need to update relevant and meaningful content. Having consistency in the content will help your website reach a higher ranking in no time. When your customer sees that your blogpost was updated a year ago, they’re more likely to turn to a website that regularly update their content.