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Today, with the rapid growth of online marketing, hoteliers can effectively tap online marketing to boost the occupancy rate at their hotels. Without a strategic marketing campaign and plan reaching the target audience is next to impossible. The success of your strategy will help you go a long way in effectively selling your hotel online to the customers. An online marketing company will help you create a strategy and you will reach the desired customers. Here are a few tactics to increase the hotel occupancy.


Develop relevant content

Without proper company branding, making the visitors to book a room in your hotel is very difficult. Most websites have information about the rooms, service offered, location, rates and amenities on their website alone. It is undoubtedly important as it helps in attracting a potential guest. However, according to a survey conducted, a visitor on an average visit close to 35 sites before booking a hotel. Therefore, you need to have a strong online presence on hotel sites that offers tips for travelling and top destinations. Focus on sharing useful and informative content about your hotel on different online portals to attract visitors to your website. Content has the power of substantially increasing your hotel occupancy rate.

Loyalty programs

Retaining old guests is essential for any hotel because it helps in building a strong customer base. However, you need to incentivize the customer through loyalty programs wherein you offer discounts, free services and coupons to loyal customers. In short, hotel loyalty programs enable returning guests to accumulate points, which can be redeemed for a free spa or a gym session during their stay.

Free services

People who are on a business trip will definitely love a free pickup or drop from the hotel to either an airport or railway station. Offer free services based on the room type the customer books. Free services will help you increase the occupancy rate and maintain your corporate identity.

Focus on using these three strategies to increase the sale figure for your hotel.