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Today, brands are relying heavily on game development to acquire the audience through their real life games. Game development has grown as a business, more and more games are being developed, which is resulting in developers to focus on game developing. However, if your readers are leaving the game without you knowing the reason, here are a few plausible ways of spotting why your players are leaving the game.


Introduction of your game sucks

Games that are slow loading and heavyweight reduces the engagement rate. When customers have to wait for more than 30-40 seconds, it becomes frustrating to stare at the blank screen. And, if the first impression for the reader is frustrating, the overall impression goes for a fall. Reuse the content from the game to keep the customer engaged. However, remember to add a progressive bar for the readers to know who long they have to wait. Your introduction is critical, especially if you’re an iOS development company.

Gaming sessions are too long

Today, customers want more bite sized games that they can play while on their way to the office. Long game sessions will turn away the potential players. Furthermore, if initially the gaming session is low and you increase it as levels are higher, again it will lead to irritation because the players are used to playing for a stipulated time period. Therefore, study market trends and analyze the best games available to know the optimum time that a player likes to play. As a game developing company, you need to cater to the needs of your audience to win their trust.

Game is hard to predict

If you look at Candy Crush which is one of the most popular games of all time, you will know how the difficulty level of the game progresses. It doesn’t rise all of a sudden, it increases gradually, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. If you suddenly increase the levels of your game, readers are more likely to uninstall your game.

Therefore, as an android development company, focus on these points to stop your readers from going away.