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Peview is a program commonly used for previewing PDF files on Mac OS X.  In addition to reading and making notes on PDFs, the program can also be used to reduce the file size of PDFs. I found it quite interesting today as I was trying to reduce the file of an ebook we recently did the typeface for. It was written by Chris Osborne and the title reads “The book of Music Making”…You can buy the book on her website

You usually end up having quite a large PDF file when you save it as PDF format directly from a word document. This was certainly the problem for us. We have created it from the Office suit of applications, so when it was published…We really couldn’t use it anywhere. It was too large for a E-book.

1) Open the PDF file that you want the size reduction for

2) Once it opens up, Click on “File” >> “Save As…”

3) There should be a small option box that should pop up…From the drop down list labelled “Quartz Filter” >> Select “Reduce File Size”

4) Hit the save button if you want the file replaced or rename the file and save it!

Your PDF file should be much smaller than what it was initially. I was pleasantly surprised when my 49 MB PDF file turned into a 2.6MB file.