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Without marrying your SEO efforts with content marketing, expecting results is a waste of time as you will not reach anywhere. Your search engine optimization campaign will help you reach the target audience and ensure your content marketing efforts don’t go waste. Unless, you get most for your money, you need to keep trying and avoid the following common mistakes. Committing mistakes in any marketing is acceptable, but not learning from those mistakes is problematic. Focus on avoiding these mistakes for a successful marketing campaign.

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Using the wrong words

Misusing the keywords often leads to missed opportunities and missed steps for content marketing. For example, targeting ‘women apparel’ as a keyword is wrong because the audience searches for women clothing or women clothes. Your content will not receive the targeted audience because you’re using the wrong keywords. Use Google Adword Keyword tool and Keyword planner to understand the keywords that are right for your business. When you use the wrong words, you’re indirectly targeting the wrong audience. Therefore, focus on using the right keywords to make your SEO campaign successful.

Falling in the SEO myth

Myths are often created and marketers fall in the trap and end up losing their potential audience. As a marketer, you need to be aware about common myths surrounding SEO.

1. SEO is a one-time activity

2. Google penalizes for duplicate content

3. Your URLs should end in .html only

4. Creating content for different countries will result in duplicate content.

Doing A/B testing can help you detect what is working and what is not working. You should not fall in the trap of myths because you never know what led to the origin of those myths. Additionally, stay updated and connected with the latest SEO updates to stay at par with the industry.

Not communicating with the readers

Communication leads to customer engagement, which helps increase the sales and drives revenue. Many SEO campaigns fail to communicate regularly with the target audience, resulting in a downfall. Communication can be in the form of new blog post or some infographics that adds value to the readers.