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Today, many marketers and business owners know that SEO plays an extremely critical and crucial role in driving traffic to the website and the blog. You will have issues driving organic traffic from the search sites, if your website is not properly optimized. You will lose out on potential customers if the prospects are unable to find you on the search engines. SEO is an important part of online marketing and the following are a few reasons why you need to have a search engine optimized website.


Enhances the user experience

User?s experience with the website is one of the important ranking factors for the search engines. User experience is high when the bounce rate is low and the customer spends a high time on the website. Good experience is created through relevant videos, images and a mobile-friendly design. All these factors will engage the customer and enhance their experience with the site. In short, need to optimize the site to suit the requirements of your prospects. A high user experience leads to word of mouth publicity, increases the conversion rates and helps in building the brand image. SEO will help you drive organic traffic, which will lead to higher sales.

Results in more leads

Being on the second and the third page of the search engine is futile because it will virtually mean no sales. More than 80% of the customers never goes beyond the first page of the search engine results. And, more than 71% of the leads are generated through the first page. Therefore, if you want to become visible to the customers, your business should rank in the first page of the all the search engines. You will also be shocked to know that SEO ranks #1 is generating organic leads. Customers usually prefer making a purchase from a business who they find through the search engine. Therefore, it?s essential to follow all the ethical practices of SEO.

SEO increases credibility

A top rank in the search engine is an indication that you are a key player in that particular niche and industry. You will increase your brand value and image through SEO.