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For a majority of online marketers, content marketing and SEO are two different worlds apart and are totally different strategies. But, search engine marketing has changed drastically in the years, making it easier for marketers to infuse these two strategies together and achieve your ultimate goal. Many marketers are worried that content marketing eliminates the necessity of SEO. However, the truth is just the opposite, content marketing is all about SEO. Without SEO, achieving success in content marketing is impossible. Both these strategies go hand in hand and here are a few ways to leverage the effectiveness of these marketing platforms.


No SEO without content

If your website and blog has little or no content, the chances of improving the SEO are nil, you will never be able to reach the top pages of the search engine. Keyword optimization is one of basic SEO strategy, which is used throughout your content marketing campaign. Another essential, search engine optimization is back-linking. And, achieving back-linking without developing a high quality content is next to impossible. Building command in your niche through content marketing will definitely take time, but it will act as a driving force for the success of your SEO campaign.

Fresh content provides better SEO

Google and search engines favor content that is fresh, up-to-date and according to the interest of the readers. New content is indexed faster, achieves higher page ranking and is given priority over the old content. IN the same way, publishing new content on a regular basis is essential for the success of your content marketing campaign. You can kill two birds with one stone by using fresh content on your website and blog. Take advantage of SEO strategies to enhance your search engine results and reach the target audience more effectively.

Today, cheating or duping the search engine platforms is out of question because Google is more concerned with quality of content, which is essential for the success of content marketing. Additionally, with each algorithm update, the difference between search engine optimization and content marketing is reducing.