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Search engine optimization is considered a vital and an important marketing tool in the armor of marketers looking to attract potential customers to their website. Simply optimizing the pages will not help you unless you have a solid SEO strategy. With the right set of strategies, you will not only increase the traffic, but will ensure that the website winds up in front of the customers who are interested in your products and services. Use SEO checker on a regular basis to improve your corporate identity. It will ensure customers come to your website on a regular basis.


Find the right keywords

Choosing the right set of keywords is the leading way for people to achieve their goal. Without choosing the correct keyword, you can never drive the desired results. However, never count on the searches that include phrases like ‘how to’ and ‘do I need’ because such customers are deciding whether they need your product in the first place. Focus on grouping the buyer persona and the intent of your business to choose the keywords. You can compare the keywords used by the competitors to have an idea of the keywords for your business.

Build your site for SEO

Marketers who have one landing page dedicated to one keyword tends to receive higher traffic than those who focus on a single landing page. While creating your landing pages, remember to include the keywords in the URL, title tag, headers, sub-header and meta description.

Track and adjust

SEO is a waste if you don’t track your progress. You need to monitor any increase or decrease in the search engine traffic. Notice the change in your performance and traffic weekly to tweak changes in the marketing campaign. If you’re not witnessing higher conversion rates, you’re probably targeting the wrong set of keywords. And, if the landing pages is resulting in high bounces, it’s primarily because your buyer’s persona is not matching the content you’re sharing. Based on the results obtained tweak changes in the marketing campaign to win the trust of your readers.

Focus on your SEO SEM strategies to drive relevant traffic to your website.