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SEO is often viewed as a tricky game by a plethora of marketers because of the ever changing Google algorithms. Search engine optimization is leading the online marketing world because it helps a business reach the top pages of the search engine. Without SEO, remaining in the top of the minds of the customer is extremely difficult. And, according to Google, more than 50% of the users who make a search online, visit the store with a question in mind. It represents a golden opportunity for a business to acquire customers and readers. Here are a few strategies of winning the hearts of your customer.


Focus on building Apps

If you have still not launched your mobile application, it is probably the right time to consider. Recently, Google has started indexing mobile apps in their searches due to the widespread use of mobile apps. Now, SEO optimized apps will feature on the first page of the search engine results, meaning traffic to your website will automatically increase. This will definitely make the deep linking more important and your online visibility will increase. Build a mobile app relevant to your business to increase your online visibility.

Local search is essential

As the number of mobile queries is increasing, marketers need to understand that people are interested in searching for products and services nearby, making local listing a top priority. If you want to increase the SEO efforts focus on the local searches as more and more customers are drifting towards local searches to make a purchase. On an average, a customer looking for a local restaurant search for at least 20 restaurants before deciding to eat at one place. Local search will help you build an authentic online presence.

Visual and Interactive content is gaining popularity

Today, customers are bombarded with email messages and with dwindling interest in the boring content, marketers are slowly shifting their base to visually interactive content to pique the interest of the target readers. Use visual and interactive content to ensure readers stay connected with your brand forever.