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Understanding SEO is no rocket science and before entering an SEO campaign, it?s important to thoroughly understand the basics. Today, each of the marketing platform has its own advantage and disadvantage in growing your business. However, startup companies cannot invest in all the marketing platform because of budget. Investing in SEO will help you drive organic traffic, therefore, you need to plan the SEO budget in advance if you want to connect with the target audience.


SEO is long term

SEO is a long term commitment and once the website is live the search engine will start crawling the website and make frequent visit to the website whenever content is added or changed. If you are expecting results within one month of SEO, you need to change your expectation because the results start to appear from the third month. You need to patiently wait for five to six months for the SEO to start working. Remember that expecting high organic traffic before the second year is a waste of time, therefore, plan the budget accordingly. SEO is not a tactic aimed at fooling the search engines, instead it generates quality traffic, which takes its own time.

SEO is costly

Undoubtedly, the cost per acquisition of customer is second after email marketing, but you will definitely have to shell out a few dollars every month on the SEO activities. An amateur cannot understand the tricky algorithm of different search engines, therefore, making it necessary to hire an SEO specialist or a digital marketing company. If you want to succeed in the online marketing world, search engine optimization is essential, but it will cost you many dollars. Set your budget based on the type of business and the importance of a website for your business.

Analyze the SEO need

A Strength, weakness, opportunities and threat analysis (SWOT) will help you determine the areas where SEO is required. You can save a lot of money after the SWOT analysis is done because you may not want to invest in SEO campaigns where focus on SEO is not important.

Plan your SEO budget in advance!