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Domain authority is an essential metric to understand how Google Algorithm rank your website based on your credibility and authority. While most of the marketers are racking their brains and wondering how exactly Google’s algorithm works, domain authority helps you gauge and understand the performance of your website against other competitive websites in your niche. A plethora of factors contributes to increasing the domain authority, but a few essential components like website age, backlinks and popularity are significant. DA is usually calculated on a scale of 0 – 100 and it doesn’t fluctuate much for websites that are constantly progressing. If you want to increase the domain authority, you need to keep the following aspects in mind.



High quality and well-researched content is considered the backbone of authoritative websites. Creating long pieces of content is a waste because according to Google, you need to bring something new to the table. Focus on producing exceptionally detailed content on a topic, which is evergreen. You need to market your content to increase its reach and reach out to the influencers. Leverage the power of social media and email list to share the message across to the readers. Embed content promotion on a weekly basis and taste success.


Building a strong brand helps in increasing the authority of your website. Customers easily relate your brand to your website, which enhances the percentage of returning customers. A proper branding strategy increases the exposure of your content and will attract powerful backlinks. It’s essential to get referenced on leading magazines and news sites to build trust among the target audience. Host industry events, advertise on social media platforms and leverage the power of re-targeting to enhance the brand trust.

Powerful internal link structure

Internal link occurs when an article takes you to another related article on the same niche. Interlinks result in a better SEO and improves the domain authority. Focus on using different anchor texts, but never use exact anchor text while interlinking different articles. Maintain an optimum balance between the external and internal links.

Increasing domain authority necessarily means increasing your chances of ranking higher in the search engine results and assist in search engine optimization.