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Local search engine optimization is a powerful digital marketing agency for companies looking to sell their business to the prospects. And, if you’re not showing in the top online search, you’re missing out on thousands of potential customers. Increased web traffic and brand visibility will help you nurture relationships and ensure customers stay connected with your website for a long time. You need to ensure, you control the local search results to drive revenue and increase your customer base. Here are a few SEO checklist to incorporate in every search engine optimization campaign.

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Meta description

The sole purpose of Meta description is to provide the users with a brief overview of your page. Interesting and meaningful description increases the frequency of total clicks your website receives. Aim to write descriptions under 156 characters, so that your words are not lost in the huge internet ocean. Meta descriptions are essential for every website and tells the customer what the website has to offer. You cannot afford to miss out on Meta descriptions as it’ll help you connect with the customers.

Customer reviews

More than 92% read online reviews before deciding to make an online purchase. And, above that more than 60% customers take the decision based upon the online reviews received. Customers look for a 3 star rating before dealing with anyone business online. The overall quality and quantity of your customer reviews plays an important role in deciding the search visibility. The more five star rating you have, the higher will be your online visibility. And, positive reviews occur when you create an awesome customer experience. After completion of every job, remember to ask for customer feedback. Additionally, create Yelp reviews and focus on building a strong customer relationship.

List on Google

Google processes more than 3.5 billion search results on a daily basis and if your business is not listed on Google, you are missing out on potential opportunities. Therefore, remember to list your business on Google to achieve higher search engine visibility.

The SEO checklist will help you ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity.