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You can’t afford to commit mistakes in your SEO campaign because a lot of your online reputation and visibility is dependent upon the search engine optimization technique you follow. White hat is preferred over black hat techniques because of innumerable reasons. Making errors will never help you achieve the desired ranking on the search engine pages. In the previous post you encountered two pitfalls to avoid while planning and strategizing the SEO campaign. Read ahead to explore two more pitfalls every marketer should avoid. Remember that SEO can make or break your online business.


Writing Content and forgetting it

Forgetting to update your website content after a few years is one of the most common mistakes of SEO. You need to treat your content as a living organism requiring continuous nourishment and care. Keeping same content for a long period of time will not help because eventually competitors will take the advantage of SEO. You need to update and add regular content to your website or blog to ensure your content is not indexed in the search engine results. Additionally, your target keyword phrases may change as you evolve or expand your business. Therefore, write relevant, meaningful and interesting content such the customers come back to the blog again and again. Ideally, update the content of your website every year as a fresh writing will attract new customers. Additionally, before posting any new content on your website, carry out a keyword research.

Not registering the website

Registering the website on Google+ or yahoo is beneficial as it will enhance the local SEO efforts. Customers can locate your physical store if you register with the search engine websites. It will help in improving the ranking and customers can easily leave their reviews about your business. Ensure that every page on the website has a NAP (name, address and phone number) as this information will assist in improving the local search engine ranking. You can even register with local directories such as yellow pages and drive more traffic to your website.

Avoid these pitfalls and you will come out with flying colors in your next marketing campaign.