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As a marketer, you would have come across both SEM and SEO, but you probably don’t understand these terms or are confused between the two. Understanding the difference between SEO and SEM is paramount in determining the allocation of the marketing funds. The aim of both the processes is to increase visibility and enhance the online presence. Search engine optimization focuses on organic search results, whereas search engine marketing focusses on choosing the right keyword to invest if you want to appear in the paid search results of the major search engine websites. Having understood the meaning of these two terminologies, you need to understand the how these strategies are beneficial for the business.



What to expect from the two?

Both these marketing tactics are aimed at increasing the website traffic, but in a completely different manner. SEO primarily focuses on bringing the website in line with what the search engines are looking for whereas SEM involves bidding on keywords which the prospective customer is likely to enter while searching for your business. SEO delivers the best content to the customers because unlike SEM, the traffic is organic and you have not paid the search engines to lead the customer to your website. If you are starting a fresh business, you need to leverage the advantages of both these strategies and it will undoubtedly increase the conversion rates.

What are the unforeseen results?

Both SEO and SEM are expensive marketing tactics because the search engines are continuously changing their algorithms and a slight change can mean your ranking can be shifted to the fourth or fifth page. You will need quality SEO to maintain the ranking and it will cost you a lot of marketing dollars. Another, unforeseen result is that the keywords regularly driving traffic can become popular making you invest more the SEM activities. You need to plan the marketing activities well in advance only then you can reap meaningful benefits from the marketing campaign.

Try to maintain a balance between the SEO and SEM activities as it will help your business reach the next level.