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According to Google, more than 50% of the customers who conduct local searches, visit the store within a day. This a massive conversion rate, which has gone unheard by many marketers. For a startup business, this statistic provides an immense opportunity to bring their first customer. Today, searches have become more localized and people prefer stepping in the store to make a purchase. And, if you still have not done local search engine optimization, you’re missing out potential customers. Here are a few ways how local SEO can benefit your startup.

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Spread yourself

Directories were considered an old SEO tactic, but they’re definitely making a comeback in local form. Ensure that your business is in many local online directories and every time you make a change, update the data in all the directories. This is essential to maintain relevancy otherwise achieving a high rank will remain a dream. Many customers search online directories to gather information about local companies and it can give you an edge over your competitors.

Local with keywords

Your keywords need to have a local flavor because many customers unknowingly use slang languages while searching for something. For local keywords, place your niche and locality in the same string. And, if you’re planning to target a particular neighborhood, remember to place it in the same string. Your keywords should sound natural otherwise the content you create will go meaningless. Local keywords will help you reach the customers and attain high ranking.

Local SEO is more important for startups

As a startup, you start with nothing and local SEO can provide you the boost required for a successful business. You have no reputation and you cannot leverage previous reputation. Optimizing for local SEO is free, but its time consuming. When you’re just starting your business, you have more time, but no money. Therefore, use your time in developing a local SEO campaign. You should never wait for an expert to kick start the local search engine optimization campaign.

With local SEO expected to gain significant advantage over the coming years, startups who are starting with it are putting themselves in a strong position.