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With more than 1 million apps available on Google play store and apple store, coders are often looking for ways to ensure their app becomes popular among the customers. The market competition is extremely tough and standing out of the crowd is essential to get visible and taste success. With a majority of the world using Smartphones, mobile apps have become a lifeline to the customers. However, achieving good reviews from the customers and ensuring a high number of downloads is tough and a mobile app developer, need to focus on the following things.


Focus on the idea

The success of any mobile app depends heavily on the core idea and as a developer, you need to think like the customers and understand their requirements. Delivering an app, which will not add value of the customers will never see a high download. Build an app, delivering value and making life simpler for the target customers. Check the relevance of the app for the customers before making it live. The app should offer something extra which your website or other platforms do not offer because it will incentivize the customer to download the mobile app. Focus on the central idea before developing the mobile application.

Keep the app light

An app weighing more than 10-15 MB is not often liked by customers because heavy application slows the Smartphones resulting in deletion of the app by the customer. When downloading takes a considerably long time, especially when the app is being downloaded via a mobile network, it irks the customer and they prefer choosing another application, which is lightweight. You need to realize that 3G is yet to penetrate every sector and every country of the world. Therefore, keep the app as light as possible.

Keep the mobile app simple

Hiding all the technical complexity from the customer is a difficult task for the developers. Keeping the app simple and user-friendly is essential as a simple user interface will automatically attract customers to download.

Create an app delivering value to the customers.