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Google plus has now become another interesting social tool around the world because of its interesting features and easy usable features. However, it does holds its negative side which hopefully can be fixed. Here are some of the pros and cons about it…


  • It has a sleek and clean layout which makes it easy to use and devoid of advertising or spam
  • The user interface has features such as Sparks and Huddle which makes it more interesting to use
  • It has ability to classify contacts into various circles enabling you to choose and send updates to selected people
  • Hangout Video chat service works very well with large groups
  • You can access Google Plus from everywhere (www)


  • Google Plus contains elements from both Facebook and Twitter. It is nearly ubiquitous, hence all the profiles are public. This limits and raises privacy concerns.
  • Anyone can follow anyone else in a public stream regardless of an individual being their friend or not.
  • One of the major draw backs is that Google plus does not work with Google Apps Account
  • Google is known for its search but the Google plus does not have search capabilities making it hard to search for things posted/shared by friends
  • Google plus circle is designed to minimize the noise in the stream but the Feed shows recently updated information regardless of the original post time.
Google plus does have a long way to go before it beats or takes over facebook and twitter together. Tell us what you think about Google Plus…