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A tutorial on how to add an email alias to Gmail and send emails to other contacts from that email alias.

Step One: Sign into Gmail (Ofcourse)

Step Two: Once you have successfully logged in, Navigate to the top right corner of the screen. Click on “Settings“.

Step Three: Click on the settings tab named “Accounts and Imports

Step Four: Navigate to “Send mail as

Click on the button “Send mail from another address

Step Five: A small pop-up will open where you can add a “Name” which you want to Gmail to display and the “Email” which is the email alias (ex. [email protected]). You can also add in a different “reply-to” address.

Step Six: You will be asked how you want the email to send through. You can add in private SMTP servers or just use Gmail (Recommended).

Step Seven: Once you click next step, Gmail will send you a verification email to the email alias you entered. Usually the mail should come back into your gmail inbox where you can click the verification link.

You are all done! Now you can use the email alias when you send emails through. If you want the email alias to be default, go back to the Settings -> Accounts and Imports, and click “make default” on the email alias that you just added.

Please comment on any queries you may have and i will do my best to answer them!